Bright Analytics

Automated Alerts

Monitor the heartbeat of your data and be the first to know about the opportunities and change in perfomance of your KPIs.

Custom Thresholds, Emails and SMS

Define the thresholds and changes in KPI performance that you need to know about and Bright Analytics will automatically alert you or chosen colleagues or partners via email or SMS as soon as fresh data is received.

Related FAQs

  • Yes. Bright Analytics is designed to be able to cater to the most complex and demanding reporting challenges.

  • Absolutely. We designed the platform to be able to bring disparate data sources together seamlessly. Our report engine lets you map your data sources to a flexible and scalable data model that can analyse any number of data sources and bring the resulting data into a single report.

  • We have 50+ integrations ready for you to connect to with a few clicks, so you can get up and running with a new data source in minutes.

  • We will refresh your data in line with how often the data is refreshed by the data platform we’re connecting to. We can pull data hourly, at set frequencies through the day, at set times on certain week days only or on a set day of the month as required.

  • We can provision an sFTP server for you to upload data to or for scheduled extracts to be placed on : we can then setup automated ingestion of these files. You can send reports to a designated mailbox or we can provide you with access to a self-service data upload interface.

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