Bright Analytics

Custom Calendar

Plug your business calendar into Bright Analytics for seamless reporting against the time periods you care about.

Simple Period Comparison

Bright Analytics makes it simple to analyse the custom periods, year-on-year or week-on-week changes your business requires to monitor on-going performance. No more fiddling around without repeatedly setting the date ranges you need or exporting data out to get the insight you need.

Related FAQs

  • If your business runs on a non-standard week, has a custom financial year or needs to report on custom periods then you can integrate your business calendar seamlessly into the Bright Analytics date picker.

  • Yes – you can set your weeks to start on whatever day you want.

  • Yes. If your business has seasonal periods you want to easily report on – for example a sale period or other key period within the year, these can be plugged into Bright Analytics.

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