Bright Analytics

Custom Dashboards

Build and share dashboards that show exactly what you need to know, in precisely the way you want to see it.

Bespoke Visualisations

Bright Analytics lets you customise every last detail of your dashboards, from the size and layout of your reports, visualisation types, chart settings, axis management, colour schemes, number formatting, data labels. Bright Analytics enables you to create compelling and atractive visualisations that tell the story in your data.

Related FAQs

  • Yes. You can build any number of dashboards, with any layout, showing whatever data you need to show with a wide choice of visualisations.

  • You can build and share as many dashboards as you need. We don’t charge for the number of dashboards you build.

  • Yes. Power users can build template dashboards and use these as the basis for a consistent, easily maintained, suite of insights that are easily filterd to show the appropriate context.

  • Yes. Dashboards can be shared with users or groups of users, and access levels assigned accordingly to ensure the right balance of control and flexibility for users to explore and inteact with their data.

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