Bright Analytics

Dashboard Snapshots

Create a point-in-time view of any dashboard, add commentary and share instantly with colleagues and clients.

Post-Campaign Analysis

Dashboard snapshots let you create a view of key performance data for a fixed date range and then append commentary to the snapshot. Invaluable for regular client reporting, ad-hoc analysis or post-campaign reviews. We store a history of your snapshots, allowing for simple comparison or reference to performance from previous periods.

Related FAQs

  • Bright Analytics lets users create a dashboard snapshot – essentially a point-in-time view of a particular dashboard – for easy sharing, bookmarking and reference during calls with clients and colleagues.

  • A dashboard snapshot is the perfect way to share commentary with clients and colleagues. A snapshot can have commentary added to it, be shared with users or groups via email. Timeslices are a very efficient and convenient way to share detailed insights with clients, whether it be for ad-hoc analysis or regular reporting.

  • Yes. Once you’ve made a snapshot you can share it through Bright Analytics with any number of users or groups.

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