Bright Analytics

Multiple Currency Support

Bright Analytics is a proven solution for large businesses operating in multiple regions, with integrated support for multiple currencies.

Consolidated International Reporting

Bright Analytics supports ingestion of spend data in multiple currencies. Our platform can maintain the local currency data for local markets whilst also providing a consolidated, comparable spend calculated in your chosen core currency. We can work with prevailing currency rates or from hedged rates that you provide.

Related FAQs

  • Bright Analytics can work with data in any currency.

  • We can ingest data with spend or revenue data in any currency and convert to a single, comparable currency to sit alongside the local market currencies, providing a simple way to have a reliable, accurate overview across all markets whilst maintaining the necessary detail to let local market teams to do their reporting and optimisation.

  • We can either work with the exchange rates prevailing at the time data was ingested or you can provide us with hedged / coprorate exchange rates that apply to specific date ranges.

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