Bright Analytics

Powerful Visualisations

Create the visualisations you need to tell an impactful story with your data and deliver clear, compelling, immediate insight.

Visualisation Flexibility

We give our customers the tools to craft and fine-tune every last element of their visualisation, from colour selection to number formatting, customiable icons, line thicknesses, drilldown behavious, axis positions and much more.

Related FAQs

  • Bright Analytics supports dozens of visualisations and variations of them, from simple pie charts and bar charts, to multi-axis charts with infinite drilldown, to heat maps, geographical maps, gantt charts, scorecards with integrated period comparison, as well as custom interactive visualisations for path analysis, channel overlap.

  • Yes. You can assign specific colours to metcis and data labels, override these if required in specific charts. Your colour palette is customised to match your branding.

  • Yes. You can have any number of axes, and can control the visulisation of each, whether it shares axes with other plots, how the axis scales and where it is positioned on the chart.

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