Bright Analytics

Real Time Collaboration

Instantly share insights and content with your team to drive real-time collaboration and insight generation.

Cross-Device Instant Updates

Bright Analytics is built to instantly reflect changes made across our platform, whether that's a refreshed data source, new content being shared with you or an alert being triggered. Users can collaborate to review each other's changes to shared content in real-time.

Related FAQs

  • Bright Analytics is built on a modern, real-time application that instantly publishes changes made, either to data or dashboard configuration, across all users currently logged in. This makes collaborating on dashboard design with clients / remote staff incredibly quick and easy as both parties can see and discuss changes in real-time.

  • Yes. If you have the right to edit a dashboard then when you make and save a change to report, dashboard layout, or visualisation setting that change will insatntly be reflected for others users currently viewing the content you’ve changed.

  • Yes. When our platform finishes refreshing a data source it sends a message to the dashboard to update any reports that depend on the updated data source and these will refresh themselves to show the latest data.

  • Yes. If you send a link to the dashboard you’re working on to your colleagues, they will be able to observe and comment on the changes you make.

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