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Sharing & User Management

Create user groups, share the relevant content, control who can edit and ensure only the right content is accessed by the relevant people, no matter how large or complex your organisation.

Simple Sharing for Complex Organisations

Use our nested groups feature to simplify the process of getting the right reports and insights in front of the right people. Intesection groups let you easily share content only with people who are members of all your chosen groups.

Related FAQs

  • You can have as many users as you need. We charge partly based on the number of user licences you require.

  • Yep. You can create any number of custom user groups and assign users to the relevant groups.

  • Yes. Each folder or dashboard you create can be shared – or explicitly not shared – with certain user and groups to ensure everyone see just what they need to. Access to make changes to shared content can also be set per group or user.

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