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How accurate is the data behind your dashboard?

Published: 6th March 2019

All too often Dashboards and Visualisation tools are sitting on top of manually updated, Excel-powered datasets, with the polished front end potentially distracting end users from asking important questions about the underlying data.

The accuracy of the data that is driving your business decisions is critical so it is essential to ensure your data is always fresh and accurate. 

Below are six questions to ask your data team:

  • How often and when are my data sources refreshed?
  • Are my reports showing the latest data? How can I tell?
  • Is all the data for all the data sources in all my reports up to date?
  • Are we looking back when refreshing data or only ingesting new data?
  • Are we taking into account attribution windows when ingesting conversion data?
  • What considerations are we making for timezones?

Key to improving the accuracy of your data – and thereby achieving better business outcomes – is to implement a solution that imports, cleans and refreshes your data automatically.

By automating your data ingestion you can: free up time to spend on analysis; remove the occurrence of human errors; set-up notifications when data sources are updated; and ensure everyone in your organisation is looking at the same data – a single version of the truth!

However, automation in itself is not enough – poorly-implemented automation is worse than manual processes if it instills confidence in data but is not properly maintained and monitored.

Bright Analytics is a modular BI and analytics platform, providing a suite of cloud-based solutions for automated data acquisition, powerful data preparation & modelling and data visualisation. We provide a managed service and take care of all the day-day monitoring, api version maintenance, database management, security and availability. We also provide dedicated support and data consultancy to ensure our platform is delivering the maximum benefit to users.

Our data acquisition is powered by our ETL (Extract, Transform and Load) technology which can be deployed to support numerous use cases ranging from daily ingestion of large Google BigQuery data sets to stitching together disconnected path-to-conversion data.

Our ETL solution can be deployed as part of our integrated platform or it can be readily deployed to power the data behind existing visualisation tools, including the most widely used tools such as Tableau and PowerBI.

If you would like to talk about the challenges of ensuring data accuracy, automated data acquisition or simply review existing tools to ensure you’re getting the best data insights for your organisation, please get in touch here