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Businesses are generating more and more data at an ever-increasing velocity, sometimes resulting in hundreds of data sets circulating within multiple ecosystems!

However, managing and actually analysing this growing pool of data can be complex and time-consuming, requiring a rare blend of analytical knowledge, technical capabilities and a range of software tools. Simply managing this suite of technology can require a full-time team, and that’s before you start to make use of the data.

This mass of data holds the key to the future of your business, and delivering meaningful insights from it is where the fun begins. We’ve collected your data – now what? A holistic approach can be transformational.

Bright Analytics provides a unique combination of marketing analytics expertise and an end-end analytics platform in which customised data solutions are created. This approach ensures that we can analyse all customer data in one place to gain multiple perspectives on a particular question. Bright Analytics platform tames the complexity while the team of Marketing and Advertising data experts provides customised data solutions to clients’ problems so businesses can accelerate towards a better future.

Since 2011, Bright Analytics has specialised in providing clients with an on-demand data analytics consultancy service and access to an end-to-end analytics platform. The combination of access to real-time data reports and an analytics team that acts as a scalable addition to their existing team has helped clients overcome a range of issues, such as:

  • Forecasting new customer sign-ups for a fintech company using machine learning
  • Constructing a future-proof, customer-level attribution model using raw Google Analytics 4 event data.
  • Measuring the impact of a large UK retailer’s online marketing activity on in-store sales that included multi-device customer journeys. Bridging the divide between online/offline behaviour required the design and build of a bespoke model which definitively measured the ROI of online marketing with offline purchases*
  • Capturing high-frequency customer event data from an ordering app of a well-known fast food chain and automatically importing it into our platform, allowing our client to quantify and analyse the impact of their marketing investment.
  • Collecting, aggregating and harmonising multi-channel marketing data for a leading UK bank, while automatically pushing custom extracts from this data back to their internal data team for integration into internal reporting tools.

Marketing challenges never stop coming. Bright Analytics’ collaborative, consultative approach and bespoke analytics platform ensure clients have access to better data to realise their ambitions and unlock the unseen value in the data.

*If this sounds too good to be true, a dedicated post will explain more soon.

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