end-end analytics

The Bright Analytics Platform

Bright Analytics is an end-end platform designed to solve the challenges of fast-moving marketing analytics. 

Data Acquisition

Everything begins with a rock-solid foundation of clean raw data. We provide a suite of API connectors to get all your data into one place. Our managed data engineering service takes care data of everything, from database maintenance to API version updates meaning you can focus on putting your data to work.

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Semantic Layer

At the heart of Bright Analytics is our ultra-flexible semantic layer. Create new KPIs in seconds, define a customised taxonomy that aligns to your business whilst remaining agile and able to embrace and reflect changes in your marketing tactics.

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Data Visualisation

Our data visualisation layer gives you all the tools you need to tell the story in your data. We provide a wide range of visualisations and the ability to fine-tune everything. Create unlimited dashboards and reports, share with your team in seconds.

Managed library of API and data connectors

Integrations and API Connectors

We can get data from anywhere. We maintain a wide library of API and database connectors so that we can automatically grab your data and start putting it to work.

Integrations Library

Start solving your data challenges today

Our self service platform eats complexity for breakfast. With our team of friendly data specialists on hand to help, we will have a solution perfectly tailored to your needs up and running in under a week.

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