Bright Analytics Use Cases

Flexible platform for all your marketing analytics challenges.

Bright Analytics solves a wide range of marketing data challenges, from performance-focused eCommmerce solutions to data-driven attribution.

Efficiency, Accuracy, Action

Collaborative Agency Platform

Team still spending too much time pulling together reports? Clients demanding more insight from your data team? Bright Analytics helps set your team free whilst giving you access to a team of marketing analysts and data engineers who can help you build the analytics service your clients deserve. We do the heavy-lifting so you can focus on insights and actions.

automation, efficiency, optimisation

Multi-Channel E-commerce

Data not ready in time for trading calls? Reporting not flexible enough to keep with the evolution of your business? Too many platforms and data processes are getting out of hand? Bright Analytics provides the data-engineering skills to get all the data you need when you need it, and a robust platform that solves your current challenges elegantly, and a framework for rapid iteration to adapt to handle whatever you need in the future.

post-cookie attribution solutions

Data Driven Attribution

Accurate measurement is an increasing challenge for brands and agencies alike. Without accurate measurement effective optimisation becomes impossible and budgets are wasted. We take a pragmatic approach to solving attribution, using the best available data sources and enriching them with internal business data wherever possible.

find your most profitable customers.

Customer Profitability

Which of your customers buy most frequently? Who is buying the more profitable items? How long do you customers stick around? Bright Analytics can help you link your marketing activity to the lifetime value of your customers so that you can decide how to invest your budgets for maximum profitability.

Offline ROI Attribution

Online >> Offline Measurement

This is how we started life. Attribution both online and offline - match online browsing & research behaviour to offline sales and revenue, to avoid cutting off investment in online media that is driving offline revenue.

Through a unique customer identifier implemented across both the website and the offline orders feed, you can link offline revenue back to online behaviour that preceeded it and the marketing that drove that customer's online actions.

Demonstrate the complete view of client ROI on online marketing activity.

  • Bright Analytics have been instrumental in helping us to create bespoke, world class reporting and analytics frameworks for some of our largest and most complex clients, including Barclays, McDonalds, Daimler, Betway, SSE and Easyjet.

    Steve Peacock, Head of Digital Trading, OMDUK

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