About Us

Bright Analytics is an independent provider of agile analytics solutions and consulting, solving marketing analytics challenges for leading Brands, Agencies and Data Consultancies.

More Than A Platform

Bright Analytics is a rare combination of an industry-leading SaaS marketing analytics platform and a genuinely consultative approach that ensures our customers have the data they need now and the flexibility to handle what's coming next.

SaaS + Service

We provide on-going expertise advice and support for ever. From live chat to regular face-face sessions. As much or as little as you need. A genuine extension of your team, not an over-priced ‘professional services’ offering, our team have the expertise to take just about any marketing data challenge and work with you to produce an elegant solution built on our platform.


As we get to understand our customers' business and data challenges we build long-term relationships and trust by providing a flexible and expert service they can call on whenever they need to iterate and evolve their marketing analytics setup. Which is basically all the time.


We thrive on solving complex problems, and that means getting really obsessed about the details. We know the ins and out of all the platforms and APIs you're likely to want to use, and how to get the most out of them. We can integrate data from weird and wonderful places and we collaborate closely with our customers' internal teams and stakeholders.

End-End Platform & Service

Our ultra-flexible and highly scalable end-end analytics platform is the heart of our service, and everything starts with a rock-solid foundation of raw data. This allows our customers to take an agile approach to solving their marketing analytics challenges whenever they arise. No two business are the same and the Bright Analytics platform allows us to delivered tailored solutions with the flexibility needed for rapid iteration.

How We Got Here

We are proudly independent and self-funded. Born out of a frustration with spending all his time at his agency job buried in spreadsheets, Ed formed Bright Analytics in 2012.

Initially we aimed to get multi-touch attribution data flowing daily into a dashboard interface, but the challenge soon broadened as our clients tasked us with getting their other data sets into the same dashboard interface.

Since then we’ve enlisted some of the smartest technology and development heads around and built an end-end analytics platform that can solve pretty much any marketing analytics challenge around, from complex data integrations and processing to deploying finely-honed semantic layers that reflect every nuance of the way our customers think about their data.

Start solving your data challenges today

Our self service platform eats complexity for breakfast. With our team of friendly data specialists on hand to help, we will have a solution perfectly tailored to your needs up and running in under a week.

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