A collaborative analytics platform for the whole agency

Modular analytics for agencies

Automate all your client reporting and improve agency efficiency with our painless analytics software. We have 10 years of analytics expertise, partnering with agencies to deliver real insight to their client base.

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Bright Analytics Dashboard

Save time with a one-stop analytics platform

Everything in one place

All your data is in one platform. We automate it and harmonise it, ready for you to put it to work.

Simpy and quickly connect data from client marketing platforms like Facebook, Google Ads, The Trade Desk and more with client customer data. Get fuller insights in one place for a holistic view.

Total view of client investment - no matter the media buy

Costs fully automated

No matter the buy type or commission rates, the platform can handle and report back on spends against results.

Understand your client ROI, no matter how complex the media plan, to get a straightforward view of overall performance.

Manage multiple clients

Agency Control Centre

Control your view across all clients with central dashboards for managing multiple clients.

Share and collaborate across the agency with controllable permissions for different agency teams to see across multiple clients.

Rules interface in Bright Analytics

Streamline the platform easily


Using a robust naming convention is the key to unlocking awesome work from an analytics platform, but it shouldn't be a challenge.

Bright Analytics automates and makes this more efficient to make your data usable more quickly.

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Budget Planning

Simplify the task of reporting on delivery against plan

Lots of effort goes into creating media plans, revising them, and gaining client approval. Then they tend to get forgotten!

Simplify the process of iteration and approval with the Analytics Planning module. Ensure that reporting against planned delivery and other planned KPIs is simple and streamlined.

Add commentary to your weekly reports


Take the guesswork out of client reporting. When reviewing your weekly reports, leave commentary on trends and data.

Visible to agency and client teams, commentary in advance takes the guesswork out of presenting complex data sets.

Consumer being attributed across websites cross-channel


Guide your client into the post-cookie world with cross-channel attribution out of the box

Measurement post-cookie is an increasing challenge for brands and agencies alike. Our model, with fully transparent workings, has been tailored to address client-specific challenges around attribution.

Using cross-device syncing across your client account, you will understand how multi-device usage can skew data around what is driving your client sales.

With Bright Analytics, we can sync multiple devices across channels so you gain clarity on how customers research and buy your client's products.

Customer profitability reporting

Calculate a true view of the profitability of every client sale

Demonstrating value from the marketing budget is the goal of the client and any agency that can provide that will increase client retention dramatically.

Provide true and accurate ROAS calculations cross-channels that will unlock additional investment. A clear and simple set-up will let our models do the work while your agency gets the reward.

An offline retail store

Offline ROI Attribution

Online-offline measurement for clients that need it

This is how we started life. Attribution both online and offline - match online browsing & research behaviour to offline sales and revenue, to avoid cutting off investment in online media that is driving offline revenue.

Through a unique customer identifier implemented across both the website and the offline orders feed, you can link offline revenue back to online behaviour that preceeded it and the marketing that drove that customer's online actions.

Demonstrate the complete view of client ROI on online marketing activity.

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Custom Domain and Branding

White Label Analytics

Deploy Bright Analytics as branded Agency service. Customise the appearance and functionality and make your analytics service a key part of your offering.

We take care of all the hosting and behind-the-scenes challenges, you just need to choose a name and domain for your Analytics service

CRM Integrations

Single Customer View accessible to you and the client

A single view of customer behaviour, across devices, is an indespensible foundation for a modern marketing plan.

Our tools ingress and leverage cross-device data, sending audience segments to CRM tools so you can devise personalised email campaigns and support other channels in the marketing funnel with actionable data

  • Bright Analytics have been instrumental in helping us to create bespoke, world class reporting and analytics frameworks for some of our largest and most complex clients, including Barclays, McDonalds, Daimler, Betway, SSE and Easyjet.

    Steve Peacock, Head of Digital Trading, OMDUK

Common use cases

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