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Adobe Analytics

Connect to your Adobe Analytics data and automate customer engagement reporting with our API connector.

Automate your site analytics and user engagement reporting with the Adobe Analytics API

Bright Analytics is integrated with the Adobe Analytics Reporting API and we can get you up and running, with your site analytics and user engagement data flowing into Bright Analytics, in a matter of minutes.

Adobe Analytics is a popular and powerful web analytics solution used to measure the level of user engagement with your website. Integrating Adobe Analytics into Bright Analytics allows you to bring together data from your marketing and eCommerce data sets alongside your site analytics data from Adobe Analytics. This lets you analyse your marketing activity not just on the basis of click-through rates and cost per conversion, but also on the basis of the level of site engagement that marketing traffic is delivering, such as bounce rate, time on sites, page view per session.


Why integrate Adobe Analytics?

By integrating your Adobe Analytics with Bright Analytics you can instantly start to save time on all your day to day reporting. Instead of logging into Adobe Analytics every time you need to do some analysis you can instead create a suite of reports that answer your key questions and allow Bright Analytics to automatically keep these dashboards up to date with the latest data.

A further crucial benefit of integrating Adobe Analytics data into a platform like Bright Analytics is to allow you to merge your Adobe Analytics data alongside other data sources. For example you can bring your ad-serving data and media investment data together with Adobe Analytics to analyse the volume of visits from your paid media, the engagement levels of those visitors across your site and the cost-per visit / cost per engagement.

Why Bright Analytics is best to integrate Adobe Analytics?

We can get your Adobe Analytics integration up and running in minutes. We can customise the data we pull from Adobe Analytics according to your needs. We can create requests ‘slices’ of data from Adobe Analytics – for example pulling traffic and engagement by media source in once data set, pulling transactions data in another.


Integration process with Bright Analytics

Initially we would talk to you to agree the data you need to pull. We would configure the integration for you and then share an authentication link with you to enable our connection to Adobe Analytics. Once there connection is approved and data is flowing you can start to create metrics and dimensions within the Bright Analytics engine and then start creating dashboards and reports using Adobe Analytics data.

Other Integrations

Adobe Analytics + Campaign Manager 360

We often find customers want to combine data from Adobe Analytics with data from their ad-server, for example Campaign Manager 360. This enables them to analyse the quality of the traffic being delivered by marketing activity by unlocking the level of site engagement of the users delivered from marketing campaigns.

Adobe Analytics + Facebook Ads

Our customers often need to validate the quality of the traffic being generated from Paid Social activity running on Facebook Ads. By linking Facebook Ads data and Adobe Analytics data together – typically done by passing a Facebook Ad ID through in the landing page url – we can link the spend and traffic from each Facebook Ad with the subsequent site visits, bounces, time on site and conversion activity back to each Facebook Ad, giving our customers an easy way to identify the best and worst performing Ads and optimise their activity accordingly.

Next Steps

If you would like to discuss how Bright Analytics can help you to fully leverage your Adobe Analytics data please book a discovery call with our team. We’d love to hear about your challenges and to show you how Bright Analytics can solve them.


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