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Display Video 360 API

Integrate your Display Video 360 data and automate customer engagement reporting with our API connector.

Automate your marketing analytics reporting with the Display Video 360 API

Bright Analytics is integrated with the Display Video 360 and we can get you up and running, with delivery and spend data flowing into Bright Analytics, in a matter of minutes.

What is the Display Video 360 platform?

Display Video 360 is a programmatic advertising platform developed by Google that allows advertisers to plan, execute, and measure their display and video ad campaigns across multiple channels and devices. It offers advanced targeting options, real-time bidding, and access to premium inventory from Google and other publishers. Display Video 360 also provides robust reporting and analytics tools to help advertisers optimize their campaigns and achieve their marketing goals.

Why should we integrate with the Apple Search Ads API?

Using the Display Video 360 API can provide several benefits, including:

1. Automation: The API allows for automation of tasks such as campaign creation, reporting, and optimization, saving time and increasing efficiency.
2. Customization: The API allows for customization of campaigns and reporting, providing more control over the advertising strategy.
3. Integration: The API can be integrated with other tools and platforms, such as data management platforms and customer relationship management systems, to create a more comprehensive advertising strategy.
4. Scalability: The API can handle large volumes of data and campaigns, making it suitable for businesses of all sizes.

Overall, using the Display Video 360 API can help advertisers streamline their advertising efforts, improve targeting and optimization, and ultimately achieve better results.

How do you integrate with the Apple Search Ads API?

Bright Analytics has a pre-built connector the Display Video 360 API that allows us to get your data flowing in a few minutes.

We setup a connection to the Display Video 360 API which you would authorise so that we can start pulling data on your behalf.

Our support team will walk you through this process and capture any information we need from you.

Please get in touch or start a chat with us to discuss further.

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