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Campaign Manager 360

Connect your Campaign Manager 360 data to Bright Analytics via the API and connect your DCM/DFA reports.

Automate your marketing analytics reporting with the Campaign Manager 360 API

Bright Analytics is integrated with the Campaign Manager 360 Reporting API and we can get you up and running, with data flowing into Bright Analytics, in a matter of minutes.

Campaign Manager 360 is a popular adserver owned by Google and forms a key part of the Google Marketing Platform. Campaign Manager 360 – formally known as DCM or DoubleClick Campaign Manager – provides a central place for advertisers to create campaigns, host creatives, track campaign delivery, capture conversions and report on the performance of marketing activity, from delivery to conversion.


Why integrate Campaign Manager 360?

There are lots of good reasons to integrate your Campaign Manger 360 analytics report data with a platform like Bright Analytics.

By automating the ingestion of your Campaign Manager 360 data you can immediately save a significant amount of time by eliminating manual analytics reporting and ad hoc data requests. Saving time through automation means you can be more proactive in monitoring and analysing your campaign delivery data. For example, you can:

  • report on the delivery and performance of campaign management and marketing activity down to the finest detail
  • automate dynamic creative reporting to allow time to analyse response rates and optimise delivery
  • analyse transaction data for deeper insights into products sold and and repeat purchase behaviour
  • ingest path to conversion data to power your attribution modelling and user behaviour analysis
  • synchronise conversion data from floodlights with spend and engagement from social campaigns

Once your Campaign Manager 360 data is in Bright Analytics you can start to leverage some of the powerful features of our platform that will allow you to automate all of your reporting.

For example, Bright Analytics allows you to apply your own taxonomy to your marketing campaign data, meaning you can set rules to group your data in ways that make sense for your campaign and business goals. This might be as simple as defining the market that a campaign is running in, the target audience you are advertising to, or categorising all your activity into buckets depending on the role played within the research > sale funnel.

Bright Analytics also provides a secure archive of your data outside of Campaign Manager 360 – this is crucial when working with transaction and path to conversion data as this data is only retained by Google for the prior 60 days.

Why Bright Analytics is best to integrate Campaign Manager 360?

We won’t just give you an out of the box analytics software solution. Our team are extremely familiar with the Campaign Manager platform and can ensure that the solution we put in place for you – ie the reports we fetch and the dimensions and metrics we include – will enable you to align your Campaign Manager 360 data with your wider analytics reporting requirements and business goals.

We tend to have a quick discovery call before activating an integration with Campaign Manager 360. One we’re clear on any special requirements we can get you up and running in minutes.

The Bright Analytics platform is designed to support and encourage on-going changes to your reporting requirements, meaning we ca quickly add in new fields and new reports as your needs evolve.

Integration process with Bright Analytics

First we make sure we understand your requirements and any customisation that we need to support with a brief discovery call with our Data Solutions team. Once any custom requirements are known we will activate the necessary reports and include the required dimensions and metrics.

As part of the discovery call we will capture some information about your profile / advertiser IDs : this allows us to create a connection with the Campaign Manager 360 API, that we will then share with your for authentication.

Once the authentication process is complete (a simple matter of following the link we send you, then logging into Google to approve our use of the Campaign Manager 360 reporting API) data will start to flow into Bright Analytics.

The next step is for your Power users (or us if you are on a Manager Service) to configure the data model elements you need for your reporting. This will entail creating dimensions and metrics within your Bright Analytics data model, as well as potentially defining rules to create custom dimensions. 


Other Integrations

Facebook Ads + Campaign Manager 360

Integrating your Campaign Manager 360 data with Facebook Ads Manager and Facebook Business Manager allows you to gain a view on deduplicated conversions delivered by your social campaigns.

Campaign Manager 360 conversions are deduplicated against other channels – the conversion pixels associated with your Facebook Ads account will not report deduplicated numbers. For example, if someone visits your site from a Facebook advert, does not convert, returns via an Affiliate link and converts, your Facebook Ads pixel will count a conversion but Campaign Manager 360 will attribute the conversion to the Affiliate.


Display Video 360 + Campaign Manager 360

Display Video 360 – or DV360, formerly known as DoubleClick Bid Manager – is a programmatic buying platform. It is closely integrated with Campaign Manager 360, with data from DV360 typically linked to a Campaign Manager placement ID. By integrating both DV360 and CM360 into an analytics platform such as Bright Analytics you can bring the detailed delivery and cost data from DV360 alongside your conversion data from CM360.

A robust and deep integration becomes even more important when running TrueView activity through DV360. TrueView activity is however not linked to Campaign Manager 360 placement IDs in the same way as other DV360 activity.

This critical piece of information – the CM360 placement ID which links back to the conversions attributable to your DV360 activity – is only available from the Structured Data Files feature of DV360. We have built an integration to pull Structured Data Files from DV360, allowing us to automate the reporting of delivery, conversions and ROI across all your DV360 activity.



How long does it take to create an analytics integration with the Campaign Manager 360 API?

We can activate an integration in a few minutes and have data flowing back to Bright Analytics.

How far back can I report on data from Google Campaign Manager 360?

This depends on the reports you need to pull from Campaign Manager. Standard reports do not have a specific timeframe restriction, but transaction / floodlight data and path to conversion data limit the available data to the last 60 days. This is a great reason for having a platform such as Bright Analytics, as we store a secure archive of your data outside of Google and allow you to report on whatever timeframe you need.

How often is data from Campaign Manager 360 refreshed?

Typically we fetch new data from Campaign Manager every morning for the previous 7 days. The reason we fetch for the previous 7 days every day is to ensure we reflect any changes Google might make to your data after it is initially published. This allows for any fraudulent delivery data to be removed and for any delays in processing.

We can also fetch data for the same day – i.e. pull new data in every hour on the data of crucial campaign launches.

Next Steps

If you would like to discuss how Bright Analytics can help you to fully leverage your Campaign Manager 360 data please book a discovery call with our team. We’d love to hear about your challenges and to show you how Bright Analytics can solve these – and much more!


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