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Google Ads

Connect your Google Ads data to Bright Analytics via the Google Ads API to automate your Paid Search reporting.

Automate your paid search analytics reporting with the Google Ads API

Bright Analytics is integrated with the Google Ads API and we can get your paid search accounts connected and data flowing into Bright Analytics in a matter of minutes.

Why integrate Google Ads into an analytics platform?

By integrating your Google Ads reporting into Bright Analytics you can make some immediate efficiency wins. you can use the time you used to spend fetching and formatting data to dig into the numbers, spend more time analysing your data and make better decisions about what to invest and where.

Removing manual data processing and ad-hoc reporting not only delivers significant time-savings for your team, it also improves the accuracy of the data you are working with by removing human error and providing you with fresh data, reloaded for the last 7 days, every day.

Bright Analytics provides an Alerts feature that lets you set thresholds for your Google Ads KPIs, allowing you to proactively monitor your campaign delivery. When these thresholds are breached email notifications are instantly sent to the nominated contacts so that can review and take action.

Bright Analytics also provides and manages a secure archive of your analytics data outside of Google.

Why Bright Analytics is best to integrate Google Ads?

Integrating with Google Ads is a simple process, but we won’t just give you an out of the box analytics software solution. Our team are very familiar with the Google Ads platform and will ensure that the solution we put in place for you will enable you to align your Google Ads data with your wider analytics reporting requirements and business goals.

We can fire up a Google Ads integration with a few clicks and once you’ve authenticated the connection your data will start flowing straight away.

The Bright Analytics platform is designed to support and encourage on-going changes to your reporting requirements, meaning we can quickly add in new fields from the Google Ads API as your needs evolve.

Google Ads integration process with Bright Analytics

First we make sure we understand your requirements and any customisations / special requirements that we need to support with a brief discovery call with our Data Solutions team. Once any custom requirements are known we will activate the necessary reports and include the required dimensions and metrics.

As part of the discovery call we will capture some information about your account. We will need to know the Login Customer ID and the IDs of the Customer Accounts you need to pull from.

Once the authentication process is complete (a simple matter of following an authentication link we send you, then logging into Google to approve our use of the Google Ads reporting API) data will start to flow into Bright Analytics.

The next step is for your Power users (or us if you are on a Managed Service) to configure the data model elements you need for your reporting. This will entail creating dimensions and metrics within your Bright Analytics data model, as well as potentially defining rules to create custom dimensions.


Other Integrations

Google Ads + Google Analytics

Integrate your Google Ads data with your Google Analytics data and you can measure the on-site engagement of the visitors you are driving from Google Ads and start to attach commercial metrics to site engagement data – eg: cost per session / cost per page view / cost per minute on site. More importantly by linking Google Ads to Google Analytics you can report on deduplicated conversions. This is crucial. The conversions tags you create in Google Ads will record conversions that are not deduplicated against other channels.If a PPC click is followed by a Facebook click then by a conversion, Google Ads will record a conversion but Google Analytics will assign the conversion to Facebook. To truly understand the role and value of your Google Ads investment you have to ensure you are measuring against de-duplicated conversion data. Bright Analytics can help to solve this challenge for you.


How long does it take to create an analytics integration with the Google Ads API?

We can activate an integration with Google Ads in a matter of a couple minutes and get your data flowing into Bright Analytics.

How often is data from Google Ads refreshed?

We refresh data from the Google Ads API every morning and overwrite the data we have pulled for the previous 7 days. This rolling refresh window ensures we reflect any changes Google make to your data after it was initially published. This allows for any bot clicks and fraudulent conversion data to be removed and for any delays in processing to be handled.

Next Steps

If you would like to discuss how Bright Analytics can help you to fully leverage your Google Ads data please book a discovery call with our team. We’d love to hear about your challenges and to show you how Bright Analytics can solve these – and much more!


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