Transparent & Predictable


We try to keep our pricing simple. Our charges are driven by your requirements and the aim is to provide a simple, predictable cost structure.

What Data Do You Have?

Bright Analytics stitches together all your raw data sources to provide a foundation on which to solve all your marketing analytics challenges. We provide a fully-managed data-engineering service to ensure the uninterrupted flow of your marketing data, no matter where it comes from.
There are no row based charges relating to the data we collect on your behalf. We firmly believe there should be no surprises!

What Service Do You Need?

Every customer is unique and we provide a range of service levels according to their individual needs. We provide ground-up solution design and fully-managed services to some of our customers, and act as a more traditional technology provider in other cases. We can provide consulting services to tackle specific challenges as they arise, and can provide dedicated but flexible resource to bulk out your team when needed.

Start solving your data challenges today

Our self service platform eats complexity for breakfast. With our team of friendly data specialists on hand to help, we will have a solution perfectly tailored to your needs up and running in under a week.

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