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The security and privacy of your data is of the utmost importance to us and we take extensive steps to protect it.

Encryption-At-Rest, Custom Firewalls, Network Security

We have an array of measures in place to protect your data, including end-end encryption of traffic reaching the application with 256 bit SSL, encryption of your data at rest, customisable firewall rules, pro-active network monitoring, physical security at our data centres, and extensive application security measures.

Related FAQs

  • Your data is encrypted-at-rest, protected by a configurable firewall, stored on servers in the region of your choosing, protected by extensive network monitoring, multi-factor authentication and best-practice application security.

  • Bright Analytics runs on Amazon Web Services, with data stored in the EU by default.

  • You do – it’s your data. We don’t use it for anything other than powering your analytics requirements, and at your request will delete / return any and all of the data we hold for you.

  • Bright Analytics is compliant with GDPR. We only store the essential information required for your use of our platform, we won’t pass your data on to any third parties and the sub-processors we work with – for example, helpdesk and support system software, are GDPR-compliant. Any questions relating to data privacy or GDPR should be directed to

  • Yes. We can run your dashboard instance on a dedicated server and place a cutom firewall around that server, allowing traffic only from selected IP addressed

  • Yes. If you already have a data warehouse we can configure the Bright Analtytics report engine to read directly from an existing database structure.

  • Yes. We can turn on multi-factor authentication on request.

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